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The Religion of Peace: Learning to Kill in the Holy Month of Ramzan!

I found on Facebook page of 'Secular Pakistan' a notice in Urdu inviting Muslims to attend a presentation on Ghazwa-e-Hind (final Islamic battle for India) in the holy month of Ramzan at Jamiatur Rasheed, a Deobandi madrasa in Karachi.

The Davanagari transcript of this notice is pasted at the bottom of this post. 

The notice calls upon Muslims to register for 'Itikaaf' -- an Islamic practice of staying in a mosque for a certain number of days and devoting oneself to ibaadat and learning -- at Jamiatur Rasheed; the registrations closed on Sunday, June 11.

The charge (including boarding and lodging) for the 'Itikaaf' at Jamiatur Rasheed, including a presentation on Ghazwa-e-Hind as well as classes on blessings and jurisprudential issues of waging Jihad, is Rs 2500.

The invitation also cites free Wi-Fi at the campus.

A person seeking registration was required to bring a surety of a reliable personage, a photo copy of his ID card, and two photographs.

Jamiatur Rasheed, which claims to provide free Islamic education to its regular students and boasts a computer lab and a swimming pool, publishes four magazines on Islam, including a children's weekly in English called 'The Truth International'.

According to Wikipedia, "Ghazwa-e-Hind or the final battle of India is an Islamic term mentioned in some "good" hadiths in particular predicting a final and last battle in India and as a result, a conquest of the whole Indian sub-continent by Muslim warriors."

Jamiatur Rasheed's website above connects to a YouTube channel.

One of the videos in Urdu is titled 'Why Killing and Massacring If Islam is a Religion of Peace and Prophet is Rehmat-ul-Aalmeen (provider of mercy to the whole world)?'

The video features a young mullah explaining in Urdu Hikmat-e-Qitaal in Islam (wisdom of killing and massacring in Islam).

He begins thus: "Kafirs raise many questions about Jihad and Qitaal (killing). It's also asked that if the Prophet is Rehmat-ul-Aalmeen and Islam is a religion of peace, then why killing and massacring? 

"Listeners, the answer is: a doctor can never be an expert in his field if he knows how to apply liniment to relieve pain but doesn't know how to operate a diseased organ.

"So when the world developed the virus of Kufr (falsehood) and Shirk (tendency to include others in what should be the unique status of one Allah), Allah the merciful sent the doctor in the shape of the Prophet who for 23 years treated all the diseased parts of the body.

"However, there remained parts that were bad enough to be beyond treatment. So the wisdom demanded that those parts be cut off the body. That is the reality of Jihad and that is the purpose of Jihad."

The young Mullah then goes on to explain "four most important rationales for killing and massacring out of the many that the Prophet favoured in his wisdom", including "killing for putting an end to all discord".

"Allah the great said fight to kill those who don't conform and those who cause discord because (such a) war is the guarantee for preserving peace."

The month of Ramzan started on May 27 and is likely to end on June 24.

नेकी और तक़वा के कामों में एक दूसरे से तआवुन करो (अल्कुरान)
रमज़ान अल्मुबारक के रूहानी असरात से फैज़याब होने के लिए
जामिअतुर रशीद के पुरनूर और रूहानी माहौल में कीजिये!
चंद नुमायाँ ख़सूसियात
·        अल्लुक़ मा अल्लाह और इबादत के लिए बेहतरीन माहौल
·        मुफ़्ती रशीद अहमद के खुलफ़ा से इस्तेफ़ादा
·        ग़ज़वा-ए-हिन्द पर प्रेजेंटेशन
·        जिहाद के फ़ज़ाइल और फ़िकही मसाइल
·        वाई-फाई की मुफ़्त सहूलत
राब्ता नम्बर: 0321-2000975
राब्ते का वक़्त: 2 ता 5 बजे बाद नमाज़ ज़ुहर
·        रजिस्ट्रेशन 14, 15 रमज़ान बरोज़ हफ़्ता, इतवार 2 ता 5 बजे जामिअतुर रशीद में होगी
·        वक़्त की पाबंदी फ़रमाएँ, नेज़ रजिस्ट्रेशन फ़ोन पर नहीं की जाएगी
·        इतिकाफ़ का ज़र-ए-तआवुन (हमा तआम) = 2500 रुपये होगा
·        शिनाख्ती कार्ड की फ़ोटो कॉपी और दो अदद तसावीर हमराह लायें
·        इलाक़े की किसी मुअतबर शख्सियत की शख्सी ज़मानत हमराह लायें.

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